Preview: Early Canada at Congress 2019

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2019 kicks off next week in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia. We’ve compiled a preview of the panels and presentations that may be of particular interest to those looking for “early Canada” at Congress 2019. Rather than reproduce the program material here, we’ve highlighted individual “early… Continue Reading

“Not one penny from an Irishman”: the religious and financial engagement of Irish workers with the Roman Catholic Church on the Rideau Canal, 1831

Laura J. Smith Buried within the papers of a World War One Chaplain is a remarkable record of the religious and financial engagement of Irish Catholic canal workers with the Roman Catholic Church in Upper Canada.[1] Meticulous notes penned by the Rev. John MacDonald, parish priest at St. John the Baptist in Perth, Upper Canada… Continue Reading

Settling Captain Rock: Transplanting the Irish Agrarian Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1823-4

Laura J. Smith In the summer of 1824 the British Colonial Office instructed the Upper Canadian government to give a soon-to-arrive Irish emigrant named John Dundon a “gratuitous” land grant of 200 acres and provisions for a year.[1] Such assistance was not unusual. Assisted emigration programs targeting disbanded soldiers, dispossessed peasants, and unemployed craftsmen had… Continue Reading


Editors: Keith Grant (PhD, 2017, University of New Brunswick) is an Assistant Professor of History at Crandall University in Moncton, New Brunswick, teaching courses on early North American and religious history. His current book manuscript is Enthusiasm and Loyalty: Emotions, Religion, and Society in British North America. He is collaborating with Daniel Samson on the digital… Continue Reading

Preview: Early Canada at the CHA

The annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association will take place next week from May 28th to 31st at Ryerson University in Toronto as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Drawn from the preliminary program (which includes information on room locations) available on the CHA’s website, the following is a preview… Continue Reading