Call for Proposals: New Brunswick Stories and Storytellers: A Pre-Confederation Collection

Atlantic Canada Studies Centre, UNB

As historians of Atlantic Canada based in New Brunswick, we are often captivated and by turns confounded by the richness of the stories, case studies, and individual experiences that we see in the documentary record, but which simply “don’t fit” within past interpretations of the province and larger national frameworks. Not since the publication of MacNutt’s New Brunswick: A History (1963) has there been a study of the province and its peoples, particularly for the pre-Confederation era. This proposed collection of short vignettes and microhistories will introduce a broad audience of readers to some of those stories that we believe have both general and scholarly interest. Our goal is to demonstrate to a broad audience how historians connect the micro-stories of the past into larger understandings of the world we share. The complete work will offer both the stories that can stand on their own, and contextual essays that link them together into a new synthesis of New Brunswick history up to 1867, one that includes the region’s Indigenous, Black, Acadian, loyalist, and immigrant perspectives.

This is an open call for contributors for those who specialize in the history of this region. We invite you to offer proposals for vignettes that are four to six thousand words in length. Think of this opportunity as a platform to write something longer than a blog post, but shorter than a traditional academic article. Citations and full reference to archival materials will still be required and final drafts will be subject to peer review and editing prior to publication of this edited collection. Stories produced for this volume will be followed by chapter(s) that frame the vignettes within historiographical analysis.

Proposals should be approximately 300 words in length and include a summary of the vignette that you would like to write or the subject that you would like to discuss from New Brunswick’s past. Proposals will be due no later than January 15, 2021. Please Send Proposals to This project is under the auspices of the UNB Atlantic Canada Studies Centre. For more on our projects, go to our website UNB Atlantic Digital Scholarship ( Completed vignettes for this edited volume will not be due until January 2022 to accommodate the ongoing closure of library and archival collections due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We look forward to learning more about the New Brunswick stories you think should be told.

Stephanie Pettigrew & Richard Yeomans, Co-Editors
New Brunswick Storytellers Project
Singer Hall 154,  9 Macaulay Lane, Fredericton, NB,  Canada, E3B 5A3

PS: If you are interested in creating a post-Confederation volume based on this model please contact Elizabeth Mancke (

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