• Mapping the End of Empire

    Jeffers Lennox [This is the seventh essay of the Borealia series on Cartography and Empire–on the many ways maps were employed in the contested imperial spaces of early modern North America.] If we accept the argument that maps helped create and resist empires (and we should, or else I’ve just wasted a decade of my life), we should… Continue Reading

  • Continuing the Journey: Where Borealia is headed

    Keith Grant Next week at Borealia we begin our fourth year of blogging about the vibrant scholarship being done on the histories of northern North America. We remain enthusiastic about our goal of hosting engaging conversations for both academic and public readerships. Regular readers will no doubt have noticed that things have been a bit more… Continue Reading

  • On the menu …

    Borealia will be serving up a great selection of early Canadian history starting this summer! On the menu are posts about: the future of Loyalist studies primary sources republicanism and responsible government print culture in British North America unrest and violence the place of Quebec in narratives about the American Revolution transnational friendships breaking the… Continue Reading

  • Borealia: A Prospectus

    Borealia (bor-ee-al-ya) is a new academic group blog on early Canadian history, featuring writing by regular, occasional, and guest contributors. It can be found at http://earlycanadianhistory.ca. We begin with the basic assumption that the field of early Canadian history is vibrant and varied. It may be a bit of a stretch to claim that, “We… Continue Reading